Bespoke Yoga Tuition In Your Own Home

I specialize in creating personalized yoga sessions for my private clients - smart, effective yoga for people with busy lives.

Private yoga sessions combine all the mental and physical benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice with the comfort and convenience of being on your own schedule and in your own home. Working one-on-one with an experienced teacher means working more deeply and with more personal attention to help you realize all those benefits more quickly than in group classes.

I work closely with my clients to understand their unique goals and how yoga can help. I want to make sure your yoga practice supports you in moving through the rest of your life with more ease. Years of doing this work has helped deepen my intuition, meaning I can tailor our sessions to meet your individual needs on any given day. 

Most of my clients have been working with me for many years and I love knowing that I have helped make our hectic New York lifestyles just that bit more manageable.

My private yoga will suit you if you: 

• Struggle to fit regular yoga practice into your busy life - even though you know it would be good for you

• Are curious about yoga but don't really know where to start

• Are working with an injury or chronic condition

• Feel overwhelmed, invisible or utterly confused in a group yoga class

• Need to maximize your yoga time and make progress toward your goals

• Are pregnant, or a new mama, and need to focus on self-care. This is my speciality!

There' s never been a better time to look after yourself.


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I have practiced yoga with Clare every week since 2012. The practice is life-changing. It helps me do everything better—work, manage a busy family schedule, relax and enjoy my life and family. Clare is a warm, grounded and sensible person, and has a highly-evolved sense of humor - which comes in handy in yoga as in life.
— Danielle
Clare comes to each session prepared and personalizes everything with a thoughtful, individualized approach. From pregnancy to postpartum and beyond, Clare has helped me feel stronger, more relaxed, energetic and active. And as someone who has hated group yoga and exercising in the past, most importantly, I really enjoy our sessions.
— Sara
Clare is a true professional, and carries with her an intuition that few people possess. I found myself confiding in her every time I saw her. She coached, educated, encouraged and empowered me in a way that makes her not just a great yoga instructor, but an amazing birth educator. I gave birth naturally to full term breech twins, after being told by several doctors that I would require a c-section. While my doctor obviously deserves credit, Clare deserves just as much because she was the one that came to my apartment week after week for 38 weeks!
— Patricia